Welcome to my photograph gallery.

My name is Adie Turford - husband, father of two, postman, marathon runner, cyclist and keen photographer. I started with photographing my family, wildlife and flora and fauna. More recently, I have combined my love of sport with photography.

Please browse the gallery and contact me if you are interested in booking me for your upcoming event.



Macneils Smokehouse
(Contains 16 photos)
Product shots for Macneils website
(Contains 71 photos)
This gallery contains some sample portraits.

I now am in the position to offer portrait sessions, please feel free to contact me for more details
(Contains 7 photos)
Beeston Sportive 2016
(Contains 437 photos)
Images from todays cracking event.

Please contact me if you would like any pictures cropping or with other questions
Beeston Promotional Images
(Contains 16 photos)
Williams Farm Kitchen Summer 2016
(Contains 577 photos)
Holme Moss Sportive 2016
(Contains 540 photos)
Images from the top of the epic climb made even tougher in the weather during the ride.

Due to the vastly chaging weather and light conditions, I am uploading images as they are in the camera and will process following orders. If you have any requirements please feel free to contact me via adiesphotography@gmail.com

All images are posted in order of being taken as many numbers were hidden. Again ask for details as to which section you may be in.

I will email you any digital files asap following purchase
Wolds123 2016
(Contains 628 photos)
Images from 2 locations of this popular event, all are posted in order of being taken

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding images via adiesphotography@gmail.com
BBM Go Ride 2016
(Contains 149 photos)
Kellington Primary School Year6
(Contains 52 photos)
Ross Tiger 2016
(Contains 1095 photos)
Free downloads available as per normal for a Sportive HQ event.

All are listed in order of being taken, any queries please email me adiesphotography@gmail.com
Bage Wedding
(Contains 221 photos)